Shoppable videos

The Untapped Gold Mine in e-Commerce Retail:

Shoppable videos are at the forefront of innovative e-commerce, changing consumers shopping experiences.
The importance of shoppable videos is combining content and commerce.

How does Shoppable Video Work?
By integrating shoppable features in the videos, brands are reducing the number of steps that a customer needs to follow, to make a sale.

Shoppable Video Content the new direct to consumer marketing tool

The aim behind “shoppable” videos is to meet the direct and instant purchasing desire that a customer gets after viewing a product.

Production: works closely with clients, producing shoppable video content, but also accept already produced videos, for us to make shoppable.

Our marketing platform can be used on social media sites, (i.e Facebook-Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit etc.). We track your video click through sales and re-target potential buyers, who viewed the video, but did not make a purchase.

Our detailed stats, show unique visitors, audience, contacts, engagement, conversions, technology, device, location and etc.

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